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Best of Step: Step Journey

Andre Houle

The cueing/teaching of this workout makes it too frustrating to keep. Which is a huge shame, because the routines are actually fun – if you get them. Andre uses non-descriptive cues like “1-2-3” for multiple moves. He also turns around with his back to you so he’s no longer mirroring – he thinks this is helpful, but it simply produces chaos for anyone who’s done even a few video workouts. He will often say “take it from the top,” but sometimes that means the top of the current combo, and other times it means the very top. Of course, you don’t know which until he actually starts doing it. He also goofs in more than a few places, getting you even more off track. It’s all just really unfortunate, because this would have been a party-in-a-box workout. Grade D. Annie S.


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