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Best of Cardio--Hi/Lo Journey

Andre Houle

I got this on sale at SCW Fitness, where CS issues are right now in bad shape.

It's an older video with the low production values of Saras City at the time--stark gym background, slightly fuzzy picture and sound. But those don't really bother me.

If you are a big fan of Andre and of hi-lo, this is quite a decent workout to have. He does TIFT after you learn each of the five combos, but frankly I needed it because they can be fairly complex. Lots of turns, pivots and and hops. He does that pas de bourre (sic) where you sweep one foot forward, then back, then behind, pivot and triple step--a rather fast-moving combo--without breaking it down very well. But luckily I am so used to hi-lo by now that I was able to figure it out. But it gets even more complex; lots of fast feet changes that I can't explain. Andre's so good at complex hi-lo choreo that he should join Marcus Irwin's Evolution roster.

I agree that the technique of turning his back so that you can follow along as if he were another background exerciser just confuses me. It's well-intended on his part but ill-advised for us seasoned mirror-cuers. Luckily, he doesn't actually do this as much as he says he will.

By the end my brain felt pretty challenged and I got a fun, moderately intense workout. That's all I ask!

Instructor comments: He's one of those instructors whom you'll really like or who will get on your nerves, or maybe both. Very hyper-friendly, goofy and hoarse-voiced. I really like him, although he sometimes says overly cutesy things like "stretchie" or "ouchie."



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