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Power Half Hour

Tony Horton

I have the DVD with all the Power Half Hour workouts on it, so my comments apply to everything. This is beyond dull, and Iíll never do it again. These are actually very good workouts if you can stand the boredom. You see a lot of the same exercises you see throughout P90X, but theyíre not half as fun in this format. Itís very repetitive and the set is ugly and bland. The overall quality is gobs below P90X. Maybe I spoiled myself by getting P90X first, but I just canít stand this one.

Instructor comments:

Annie S.


Wow, my experience of this series is exactly opposite to that of Annie S as I love this series. I'm reviewing the DVD, which includes: PHH Ab Trimmer, PHH Thigh Trimmer, PHH Arm Toner, PHH Bun Shaper, and PHH Stretch and an Outtakes section. Each of these workouts is 30 minutes including the warm up. The DVD version allows you to choose the workout with or without music. I personally find the Beachbody music inoffensive.

The background set is very simple. Tony instructs in the foreground, with a woman using a resistance band and a man with dumbbells following along. There are timers that tell both how much time is remaining in the current exercise segment and how much time is left of the workout. Notes appear at the bottom of the screen from time to time, such as "Keep Breathing!" and "Get some water" etc. I like these features quite a bit and miss them now when doing other, non-Beachbody workouts.

I sometimes find the warmups and post exercise stretches to be a bit on the brief side. However, I have never had a problem when doing them as presented. The nice thing about the DVD version is that you can tack on the first 10 minutes of the PHH Stretch segment if you feel you need more of either a warmup or cooldown.

This series travels well too with a couple of resistance bands! I'm very pleased with this purchase.

Instructor comments: Tony is a great instructor. He clarifies form, telling us where we should be feeling the move and to move elbows in or higher, etc. He also encourages us to go at our own pace, and reminds us to get water or towel off whenever we need to. He gets a little silly and playful at times (I love the outtakes). Some may be annoyed by his behavior, but I really enjoy him and find his antics make the time fly by.



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