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P90 Masters Cardio Intervals

Tony Horton

The sequence for this video is as follows:

1.Warm up (6:23)
2.Stretch (5:30)

3.Run in place
4.Jumping jacks
5.Mary Katherine lunge
6.Squat kicks
8.Squat run
9.Water break (15 sec)
Repeat Sequence 3-9

10.Wacky jacks
12.Run stance squats
13.Eagan brothers
14.Horton head hammer
15.Water break (15 sec)
Repeat Sequence 10-15

16.Cool down stretch (9:01)

Each exercise is performed for 60 seconds. This is broken up into 20 seconds low effort/20 seconds moderate effort/20 seconds maximal effort. The exercises flow without excessive pauses as can be found in other P90 MS videos for each cycle, except where breaks are mentioned.

PROS: This is my favorite workout in the series and the most fun to do.

The variety of exercises and the variety of effort really makes for a well integrated and productive workout. There are few awkward changes from standing to floor positions and the exercises progress logically.

The intervals idea is really intriguing and appears to work. It also keeps the workout challenging when you can handle it and allows you to dial things back if you can't keep up.

Tony concentrates more on the exercises and does most of the workout with the two back up exercisers.

CONS: Tony occasionally takes some time to ask the back up exercisers what there heart rate is or for some patter. This happens less often here, but this could be a valid criticism.

Some of the exercises are high impact and follow in sequence (e.g. Run Stance Squats/Eagan Brothers/Horton Head Hammer). Although they could be modified, these sequences might be tough on some exercisers' knees.

The Planks exercise (hands on floor in a push up position/run with legs) is extremely difficult to do and requires A LOT of upper body strength, mostly isometrically. It has been a challenge that was difficult to surmount, but I'm not sure it exactly fits in with the more aerobic design of the other exercises.

OVERALL: This is a workout that is very flexible. It could fit on your program to moderate intermediate to moderate advanced levels depending on how you push yourself. This is a real gem of a workout.

Most of the P90MS workouts make the most 'sense' in the context of a total workout package and are not as good as'stand alone' workouts. (This is fine if you have the whole series, but makes less sense if you are buying them as single videos. )

I think this one, above the rest, is a real 'stand alone' workout. It could fit in with a variety of other programs and really fits an aerobic niche. It is also extremely flexible in terms of difficulty.


Instructor comments: I've said it before, I'll say it again. Tony is Tony. You either love him or hate him. Personally, I find him motivating and fun. Other reviewers find him goofy, silly, and competitive--in short annoying. I have to say I like the guy.

In this video he is mid-way between his more relaxed and goofy P90 and Power Half Hour self and his more serious/work oriented P90X persona.

Jon L


This workout is part of the Masters series, intended as an intermediary between P90 and P90X. This workout is a cardio circuit containing two rounds, each consisting of the same set of a dozen or so exercises each done for one minute each. During the minute, Tony increases the intensity every twenty seconds (i.e. you go from easy to slightly harder to hard-core). Two background exercisers (Dreya and a guy whose name I don't remember) assist Tony and he banters with them throughout.

I really enjoyed this workout. It is very well chaptered, so if there is an exercise you don't like, you can skip it (I hate the wacky jacks!) Also, if you are like me and only have half an hour to work out in the morning, you can easily stop after the first round and get in a solid routine. Or, you could skip some of the exercises and get it down to 45 minutes.

The minute goes by very quickly, and since you are only doing the most intense version for twenty seconds, it is easy to push yourself and really go for it. I found this workout was a good intensity for me. Overall, I really enjoyed it and am a little sorry I left this sitting on my shelf for so long before I gave it a try!



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