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Power 90 Circuit 1-2 Sculpt

Tony Horton

Circuit 1-2 Sculpt! is an all strength training 30 minute dumbbell or resistence band workout that was part of the Power 90 series from 2000. In typical Beach Body style there's the familiar countdown digital clock in the lower right hand corner as well as graphics for each exercise and stretch along the bottom of the screen. One of the more interesting aspects of the video, believe it or not, is that there is no musical accompaniment; Tony suggests you put on whatever music you like to exercise with if you want to. This is actually a plus since the exercises can be done at a nice, slow pace allowing you to complete anywhere between 8 and 15 repetitions, depending on the amount of weight you use, your general conditioning, and whatever BPM music you choose to work out to. The set is bland, all-grey, and void of any detail or interesting visuals, unfortunately. Tony has two students who demonstrate the exercises. Lisa uses dumbbells and Sean uses the resistence bands. Tony demonstrates each exercise with his students, then stops, assist, and comments on Lisa and Sean's form, then does the last few reps with them again.

The program begins with an 8-minute stretching warmup, then the 3 circuits. Each circuit consists of 1 set per exercise per body part. At the end of each circuit there's a short stretch -- then on to the next circuit. The body parts are repeated but different exercises are performed. Here's a breakdown of the exercises in each circuit:

Circuit I:
1. pushups-- hands 6" wider than shoulders (chest)
2. "heavy pants" -- double back row (back)
3. military press (shoulders)
4. "back scratchers" -- single arm french press (triceps)
5. bicep curls (biceps)
6. lunges -- shown without weights (legs)
7. stretch

Circuit II:

1. pushups -- hands 9" wider than shoulders (chest)
2. back flys -- double back row with bent elbows (upper back)
3. "swimmer's press" -- a.k.a. "Arnold presses"; military press with palms rotating at the top of the move (shoulders)
4. open curls -- bicep curls at 45 degree angle (biceps)
5. kickbacks (triceps)
6. lunge/squat combo -- lunge followed by 3 squats; shown without weight (legs) 7. stretch with water break

Circuit III:

1. "7-7-7" pushups -- wide/narrow/ widest hand positions; 7 of each (chest)
2. "lawnmower" -- single-arm row with a twist at the top of the movement (back)
3. lateral raise (shoulders)
4. chair dips -- straight legs; Tony demonstrates easier variations (triceps)
5. "21's" -- 7 bicep curls to waist; 7 from top to waist; 7 full range of motion (biceps)
6. 3 part squats -- narrow/wide/ widest leg positions; 8 each position (legs)
7. stretch

There's no cooldown after the last stretch so its a good time to pop in another tape with some ab work or do more intensive stretching on your own.

What makes this circuit workout unique is the 1 set concept allows you to "go heavy" if you're an intermediate or advanced exerciser. The slow pace and count of each set allowed me to use 20, 15, 12, and 8 lb. weights -- something I could never manage in more fast-pa

Instructor comments: Tony is very confident and a bit of a ham -- but in a likable way. He's at his best when he's checking his students' form and encouraging them to work harder, rather than hamming it up in front of the camera. But his personality works well with the w


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