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One on One Plyo Legs

Tony Horton

(Cut and pasted from a thread in the GD forum)

I got the first One on One with Tony Horton today. The timing is not good because I did legs and back from P90X today and this new workout is Plyo Legs. So, I did a preview tonight and just wanted to share what I saw for those who are curious.

Here are my overall observations:

First, there is music, but it's music that Tony plays on his stereo that you can hear through the workout. The best I can describe it is as instrumental rock. The filming is mostly done by one camera, but there is a second camera that gets used a little. It seems to be uncut and unedited. It is rough in production but still looks easy to follow and enjoyable to watch. It really is as Beachbody describes . . . Tony doing one of his workouts and letting you come along with him. Honestly, if you are picky about quality, music, queing, etc . . . this workout is probably not for you. There is no "working out to the music" it's just in the background. There is no music off option either. Your only option when the DVD comes up is "play"

This is a 60 minute workout that starts with Tony finishing his warm up of jumping rope. He does a quick stretch for his legs and then gets into it. He says the workout is very similar to Plyo Legs in the Masters series. I don't have this, so I don't know how true this is, but I have seen all the exercises in other workouts (I have P90X and P90X+). But many of them are performed in the One on One workout with either more reps or modifications to make it more challenging from previous workouts. Tony is lightly unshaven and looks a lot like Hugh Laurie (from House). Much of the exercises are geared for people who are skiiers. He is goofy in this one, but I think it's less than in most. He walks outside twice during the workout to spit which is a HUGE ick factor for me. Though, he does apologize and explains that he's been sick lately (whatever - still ick).

Here's the list of exercises (most exercises are done with about 40 reps):

Calf Raise squats with legs open
Run Stand Squat
Sidelong Jump (with one leg squat)
Wall Squat (I think it's 3 minutes)
Superstar Lunge (Mary Katherine) with Medball arc overhead
Groucho Walk (monster) - touch floor after each step
Run stance squat switch
Deadlift squat
Leapfrog squat (w/medball)
Chair Salutation
4 Corners (like side long jump but go up & back & side ride)
Single Leg Wall Squat
Rolling Isolunge (50 each side)
Squat Jack
Slide squat reach
Run stance iso jump switch
One legged speed squat
Eagan Brother (zig zag 2 foot hop w/ imaginary ski poles)

This workout seems very difficult for Tony. He takes a lot of breaks to breathe. Since I've done all the exercises before, it didn't LOOK any harder to me than any of his other workouts . . . but I haven't actually done this one, so I may edit this once I've tried it.

I'm not sure if I'm keeping this one. It may not be different enough from Legs and Back and Plyo X and P90X+ series to make it worth the $20. It's actually a little insulting that they are charging that based on the amount of production time that went into this (it's like the anti-Cathe). But, I'm excited about the series and can't wait to see the next workout. I will continue my subscription so that I can preview the next workout.

Finally, if anyone can tell me what that white arc shaped apparatus is in front of the mirror I'd love to know what it's used for. It looks like maybe a ski machine????

Hope this helps people on the fence about this workout. I'd love to know other's opinions. . . especially about how challenging it is (watching it was a breeze ).

I did One on One Plyo legs today.

It was a challenging workout, but not overly so. I would say it was on par with Legs and Back, without the back but with some Plyo X thrown in. It is very similar to his other workouts (taking bits and pieces from them and then modifying a bit to make it harder). I wore my HR monitor and got 9 minutes in my target HR zone (I consider my target to be 75% of max or higher). It is a lot of thigh and butt work and no isolated calf work (which is fine with me).

I'm keeping it, but I do wish it had been chaptered so I could skip through all the breaks. It could be a 45 minute workout if it had been chaptered. I like Tony better when he is interacting with others and acting as a coach. He is more entertaining. I don't think there is really anything new in this workout and Tony doesn't impart any wisdom he hasn't given before. If you already have P90 Masters this may be too similar (somone with that workout would have to comment to know for sure). I like having an alternate leg workout to Legs and Back and to have to rotate in during a P90X+ rotation.

Also, if you are looking for a travel workout for your legs, this one would be great. He only uses a med ball, no other weights. I may bring it to the beach.

I would not say this is a "must have", but a nice addition to my Tony Horton library.

I hope the next workout is different than the other workouts he's put out.

Instructor comments: Tony is his same old goofy self in this one, but he isn't quite as entertaining as when he's got the "peeps" to interact with. Also, since he's actually doing the workout, he ends up taking alot of rests that someone that isn't talking and doing the workout wouldn't need.

Lauren (Sancho)


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