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Country Line Dance Aerobics

Music: instrumental country, heavy on the fiddle
Length: 40 minutes total. 6 min. motion warmup w/ a little stretching, 26 min. dance including 3 min cooldown dance, 8 minute standing static stretches. Energy Level: moderate
Choreography: moderate
Production: ok

The warmup consists of steps similar to those in the dances. Each dance is introduced with a visual heading (so you can fast forward easily to practice the steps). There are six dances: the Electric Slide, Cowboy Boogie, Bocefus, Shotgun, Sleazy Slide, and Country Line Waltz. Horner and troop dance with their backs to you so there's no mirror image problem. Each dance begins with four repetitions of the basic steps; then she adds a turn. It took me a long time to learn all the steps, esp. with the turns, but that helped to make the tape interesting (especially because I don't like the music). This is the only tape I own that I can run when I'm feeling full of pep or slow as a slug, because it's very easy to vary your intensity level. Horner always shows the less intense versions of the steps, but it took me almost as long to learn some of them as the "real" steps. Because of the repetitive nature of the steps, you can do the equivalent of wind sprints by doing several sets at your highest energy level, dropping down to a lower level for the next several sets, etc. There's a swivel in one dance that is a bit hard to do on carpet and a pulse check in the middle, after the most energetic routine.

Diane Danielle

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