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Navy Seals Elite: 11 Minute Fitness System: Lower Body

Scott Helvenston

This is a short 11 minute lower body workout but it is tough. They don't use weights but you can if you want. The workout doesn't have a warm up but they say to warm up on your own. The workout is on a beach with big crashing waves. Scott works out with his wife Tricia and she does the modified versions but she keeps up really good with Scott. She is one strong woman! Very inspriring!

This workout does work you lower body! Here are some of the exercises. For standing leg work you do Stationary dips, squats, alternating lunges, Side Lunges with a plie. Then you go down for floor work. You do Table work with a leg to the side and back, then you do Flutter kicks on your stomach and then inner thigh lifts. You do only one set of all these. Then you stand back up and do 2 sets of Squat Thrusts (a squat with a pushup position; so it's 2 exercises in one), 3 sets of calf raises and then 2 sets of Power Lunges which are so tough!

This is a fast tough workout when you don't have time! Highly recommended for the advanced.

Instructor comments: Scott does a good job on form except when he does side lunges. His toe goes over his knee.

Mandy Lee

This is supposed to be an 11-minute lower-body workout. It's actually 12 minutes and 45 seconds, but that's okay. The workout consists of lunges, squats, some floor work, squat thrusts, calf raises, and power lunges. No weights are used, but I think you can probably add light weights. He goes kind of fast, so you wouldn't want to use very heavy ones. The workout is "okay," but a little on the boring side for me.

Annie S.

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