Video Fitness

Martica's Perfect Curves Workout

15 -20 mins, high impact aerobics
50 mins toning using weights and body bar
Equipment - weights and / or body bar (I just use different weights) and an optional step.

The quality of this video is poor and this does hinder how easy it is to follow. Also, the participants all look a little embarassed, as does Martica, and no-one looks that certain as to what is happening next! The aerobics section includes guidlines for low impact moves, but due to the video quality these are difficult to see as they are in a little box within the main screen. The exercises themselves are OK - the music is very dancy for the aerobics, and quite catchy. The aerobics section seems so short though - if hard work - more like one section of interval training.

Martica is obviously more comfortable instructing the wieght training section of the workout. I like the idea of showing (using diagrams to the side of the screen) which muscles are being worked at any one time. I do wish that she would stand in front of her step though as sometimes feet and leg movements are missed. She alternates upper and lower body moves before moving onto abs. and back. Then its another section to go through the whole body again - beginners can stop after the first section, althoguh there are only another 10mins to go at this stage.

This video isn't bad, and I do feel like I've had a good toning workout when I use it, but there are many which do similar things in a more accessible style for a similar price.


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