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Leisa exhibits an encouraging, friendly demeanor that I find motivating. She does a good job of explaining the subtleties of some of the more subtle exercises. She cues well, and constantly reminds viewers about breathing, form, and keeping the abs contracted. She does not bore exercisers with a lot of jargon, and is straightforward throughout.

Brenda Tavakoli

Leisa Hart is a Christie Brinkley clone with a warm and caring personality.In Buns of Steel #4, she is always smiling and friendly as she teaches you a toning excercise. Her shining smile in and of itself will keep you motivated as well as her incredibly toned body! She wears a thong leotard with nude leggings so you can really see what muscle is contracting during the lunges, squats, dips and bun squeezes. Constantly making sure your form is right, Leisa is very knowledgeable about each muscle and throughout her video's is always reminding you to keep good form. I am so used to the seriousness of the Firm instructors that it is nice to have a friendly, one on one personal type trainer to excercise with. I really enjoy her teaching style with a slight southern accent. Other video's that Leisa leads are the Buns of Steel Platinum 2000 Series. The titles are :

Hips and Thighs of Steel 2000 Buns and Abs of Steel 2000 Beginners Legs of Steel 2000 Buns and Thighs of Steel 2000 Abs and Chest of Steel 2000 Abs of Steel 2000 Plus Arms

The reason I am telling you all the titles is that I was very confused at which one Leisa Hart led compared to the ones Tamilee Webb led ( which is 5 other video's with the Buns of steel Platinum 2000 title! Very confusing!) Even Collage told me they don't carry the platinum series because of the confusion. So hope I can help the confusion. Other one on one video's that Leisa Hart leads besides Buns of Steel #4 are:

Abs of Steel #3 Thighs of Steel#2 Abs and Arms of Steel #2 Body of Steel#2

Mandy Lee

Leisa Hart comes across as very warm and caring. She is also very polite, with lots of please and thank yous throughout the video.


Leisa is so likable. She does a great job of explaining the exercises and her voice is so soothing. I would love to see her do some advanced aerboic tapes.


This is the first tape I've ever had with Leisa Hart, and she is very likeable. She just looks so perky and happy all the time. (But not annoyingly so.)

Annie S.

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