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Buns of Steel #4

Buns of Steel #4 is a pure toning video. It has a 4 minute warm up 19 minutes of toning , 5 minutes of floor toning. It ends with a 3 min. stretch and a very beautiful relaxing segment which is 5 min.Leisa's form and cueing is excellent and perfect. She is always asking you to check your form and to breath or take a break if your tired. You really feel like she is there with you as your personal trainer and that she cares about you. The first part of toning is side squats, stationary lunges and 3 count down squats. Then using a chair, Leisa does a leg out to the side while holding it for an isometric hold. Then she dips to the rear for stationary dip excercise. The third toning section, still using the chair, she does leg to the rear bun squeezes in combination with hamstring curl, leg out to the side and another set of rear dips with a bun squeeze at the end. The 5 minute bonus buns section is a very challenging bridge work excercise with your feet on a chair. You lay on your back with your feet on a chair and sqeeze your buns as you lift your hips up. It gets harder as you extend your leg and sqeeze the opposite bun and pulse. All the exercises are very effective for a beginner to advanced. For the advanced, you can hold heavy dumbells for the first toning segmant and then put on ankle weights and use heavy dumbells for the other two toning segmants. You can even use dumbells for the floor toning. I feel you can grow with this tape. I usually don't rave about toning video's because I am a Firm fan but I really like this video not just because Leisa is a great instructor but she does all my favorite excercises that I know work! The stretch is done on the chair. Stretches for hamstring, calves, and buns and back . The best part of this workout is the 5 minute relaxing segmant at the end. Leisa is on a beach either early in the morning sunrise or evening sunset. The beach has beautiful waves washing up as she does some relaxing stretches. But mostly a lot of inhale and exhaling. The music in the whole video is EXCELLENT!! Very upbeat and motivating. The music during the relaxing segment is very nice as well. I give this video an A+

Mandy Lee

I never would have bought this tape if it wasn't for the recommendation from Mandy Lee. I was keeping my eye out for it and found it as a bargain at Wal-Mart. And I'm not disappointed.

The warm up and cool down are pretty basic, and for the most part, so are the lower body strengthening/toning exercises. But the exercises flow together so well and go so quickly. But I definately felt it the next day.

The way I am going to use this tape is going to be in conjunction with other tapes or after a walk/run/bicycling/treadmill workout. I think this would be a good tape for anyone to add to their collection. I suspect this video won't be used every week, but I want to keep it around for when I'm in the mood to exercise, but don't want to get all sweaty.

Overall -- tape is done well, music is good and cueing is excellent.

One more thing -- I forgot to mention the "relaxation" segment at the end. There is a "bonus" 5 minute relaxation after the stretch. That's not enough time to get your mind off the world, but it is nice to have the option of a little relaxation at the end of the tape. I thought it was also well done and I would like to see other videos include this as an option. I did the relaxation segment and then just layed down with the lights off until the video was completely done and I felt ready to get on with my day.


This is a good workout, but geared more toward beginners and lower-intermediates. It's a lower body workout, consisting of exercises like squats, hamstring curls, etc. -- things you normally expect from a lower body tape. The instructor is excellent about showing you the proper way to do a move.

At the end, after the regular cooldown and stretch, there is a relaxation segment. Nice touch! Although this isn't for me, I think beginners will benefit a lot from it.

Annie S.

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