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Abs of Steel 3

I have used Abs of Steel Volumes 1 and 2. Frankly, these two videos did not impress me much. They did the job, but that was about it. In Abs of Steel Volume 3, Leisa Hart is a valuable addition to the video series. Her instructions are clear and concise, not filled with jargon. It also helps that the production values on this video are much better than that of its predecessors. There are 3 workout-- one 15 minute beginner workout, a 15 minute intermediate workout, and the 5 minute bonus crunch, which is more advanced than the intermiediate section. The first workout is adequate in explaining the basic technique and moves in abdominal training. I even learned a few new things, even though I did not expect to. The Intermediate workout gets down to the nitty gritty. Many of these exercises are innovating and challenging; I would have never thought of them in a million years. Getting through this workout is an accomplishment! The Bonus Crunch is perfect for a quick ab workout-- especially when "crunched" for time. My only bone to pick with this tape is the placement of the cooldown. It follows the Intermediate workout. Then the cooldown is followed by the Bonus Crunch. I find this time consuming. A mini cooldown after each segment would work much better. Overall, if you are serious about toning those abs, this tape would be a great addition to your fitness program.

Brenda Tavakoli

In my search for a good ab video, I came across the Abs of Steel III. I was very disappointed because I had liked the original Abs of Steel which I had tried long ago. I thought the video was difficult to follow because I constantly felt unsure if I was doing the exercises correctly. Most of the exercises in the video are difficult to know if you are doing them correctly. So in conclusion after a workout I didn't get the kind of satisfaction when I know I have really worked out.

Christine Stavolone

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