Video Fitness

Punch & Firm

Lynn Hahn

The workout has the following chapters:

Warmup: 11 minutes
Workout 1: 18 minutes
Workout 2: 18 minutesj
Cooldown: 11 minutes

Total time: 62 minutes

One person does modify during the entire workout.

Lynn begins the workout with brief explanations of some of the moves to become familiar with them prior to moving into the workout. The workout is more fast paced than her previous workouts.

After a thorough warmup, you'll literally jump right into the workout. (prior kickbox experience may benefit a beginner) Jab, cross, jab with in & out runs is the first combination. Squat pulls follow (these are deep side squats moving side to side)with 4 hooks and 4 high knees. You always repeat one side then the other so everything is even. (no working through one side only of all the combinations then the other, you'll always repeat the combo with both sides evenly) Dip, cross, jab, jab bringing it to center is next. Lynn then combines the moves for an extra long combo. 3 dips moving forward, 3 jabs back then run it out. Repeat other side. Next, for increased intensity, Lynn adds jumps, a great plyometric move. Plies follow the jumps. This concludes Workout 1.

Workout 2: (lots of drills in this segment with running in between) Squats with upper cuts begin. Jumping jacks with circular arms follow. Next is tap turns (looks like a lunge). The next drill is speed bag arms. Squat with upper cuts follow. The next combo is scoop squat with 2 crosses, 3 hooks, cross all while going forward with the scoop squats. Progressing from there, you'll do fast feet squats. 2 slow jabs, cross with upper cuts follow. Fast feet around the clock in each direction tops of section 2.

Lynn finishes up this workout with an extended cooldown. You'll begin with standing stretches and conclude with gentle floor stretches.

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