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Lynn Hahn


Warmup: 12 minutes
Drills: 17 minutes
Combos: 15 minutes
Cooldown: 11 minutes

Total workout time: 61 minutes

The warmup prepares the body to kick. It gentle warms the body, especially the lower body where the kicks generate from. (beginners should use the technique section where Lynn demonstrates form pointers on all the kicks; even intermediate/advanced students may gain some great tips) Lynn does have a modifier if the high impact moves are not for you.

Running with pendullum arms begin and then you'll move into the first move-squat front kicks. Run it out. Next drill is tough and it's used several times in the workout--Gimme 10. You perform a quick mountain climber, jump up, do 4 quick punches and then do fast feet) Limbo swivel kicks (roundhouse kicks) to the front are a fun addition. Another round of Gimme 10 follows. Next drill consists of side kicks followed by back kicks. Gimme 10 again. Front, back, round and side kicks follow, all done in succession on one leg before repeating to other side. Last set of Gimme 10. Then you'll take it down a notch and you can either do the combo workout or fast forward to the cooldown for a quicker workout. I really liked the drill section because you can really focus on technique.

4 stepping front kicks with 4 hops back begin this section. 4 punches to the side with jack feet follow. Next you'll perform front crossover, speedbag arms, step out side kick right leg then repeat moving to the other side. Lynn then builds all the combos together and repeats them several times. The next series consists of high round house kicks (done 3x), slide, back cross over, speed bag arms, repeat other side. Lynn then builds "speed" into this combo, quickening up the pace. Back kick slide 3x, then 3 high knees then move other way. Fast feet in & out finishes this segment.

Beginning with movements to loosen the hips, you'll move onto core focused work. Lynn works through 2 sets of full pushups. You'll also do traditional (and some non traditional) abdomoninal toning exercises in this section.

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