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Kickbox and Burn

Lynn Hahn

Filmed in what appears to be an older studio, it gives it a "raw" feel (like old school boxing). The music had a Techno Spanish beat to it and worked well with the workout. Lynn picks up the pace from her previous kickbox workout! (making it more challenging)

This 60 minute workout is challenging enough for intermediate/advanced participants but due to the instructional segment that Lynn offers (she'll teach you how to deliver the punches and kicks effectively), beginners will learn proper form for the moves and be able to follow along as well. You have 3 different options for the workout length: Quick & Light 45 minute routine (taking you through the warmup, main workout and cooldown), Fast Paced 35 minute session (warmup, extended version and cooldown) and for the truly "die hard" kickbox fans, you can do the entire workout (consisting of warmup, both the main workout & the extended version and the cooldown).

Using jabs, crosses, hooks and upper cuts to tone the upper body and front kicks, roundhouse and back kicks to work the lower body, it's truly a total body calorie burner. In the main workout, Lynn uses 4 sets consisting of different combinations. In the extended version she'll use the same 4 sets but bump up the intensity (it's just her and 1 other assistant in this particular section).

Lots of unique moves that haven't been overused in other kickbox workouts. Lynn always tells you what's coming and counts out the reps so both sides of the body remain equal. Kristen shows modifications, however her form isn't that great. (if you are a beginner I'd recommend going over the form pointers section with Lynn before participating)

I enjoyed the variety of kicks which helps tone & define the lower body. I'd rate it as mixed impact as Lynn challenges you with some higher impact kicks and drill type moves. (you can always choose to keep it lower intensity if needed) The cooldown begins with rhythmic stretches and then you'll go into deeper ones. Lynn also includes core training in the cooldown section for a complete total body workout.

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