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This is the first total ab video that I had ever done. Previously, I was doing The Firm 5 Day Abs or whatever ab work was on my cardio or strength videos. The first time I did this workout, I was really impressed by the fact that my abs were so sore the next day because I thought that they were in good shape. I liked the fact that the voice over instruction was very good, lots of pointers about correct form and visualization techniques. This works all parts of the abs and is very basic. We have all done every one of these moves in other videos, but these are done in sets of three with about 30 reps in each set, so you are doing almost 100 crunches, lateral side crunches, oblique lifts, etc. The people doing the workout are dead serious, no smiling or talking and the woman doing the voice over is also very steady and calming. Although I really liked this video and will keep it in my rotation because I do feel it is a good workout, it is pretty boring. You really have to keep focused on what you are doing or you will start cheating on the reps. I think they could have made this more interesting by adding better music, even that is boring. Men may really like this workout better than women just because it is strictly boot camp stuff. It is about 30 min long with no real warm up or cool down. I see it in the back of the Collage catalog as videos that you can also get from them, but I found it for ten bucks at a video store.

Instructor comments: The two people you see in this video are just demonstrating and doing the moves, the instructor is a woman doing a voice over.

Doreen Bochmann

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