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Joanie Greggains' Holiday Workout

This is a 1995 video shot in a room decorated for Christmas (there's a big decorated tree, presents, decorations, the whole 9 yards). Joannie is the only excerciser and she does it all to Christmas music. The intention of the tape, according to the box and Joannie's intro is to give you a fun workout to do between Thanksgiving and Christmas to keep your stress level down and keep you from gaining weight. It's somewhat dancy floor aerobics (though the moves are quite basic) as well as moves with weights designed to tone. I would consider this a beginner tape because the moves are quite simple and very repetitive (And I'm an advanced beginner excerciser). Joannie is perky and slighlty grating at certain parts, but she is obviously trying to be upbeat and praise you for working out during this hectic time (one of the moves she talks about is to mimic holding holiday food trays!). But the music is great! There is certainly something to be said for working out to Rudolph in the August heat and humidity. This is a tape I do occasionally. it's not in my regular rotation but it's a fun and easy tape for when I need something basic and not difficult.

Instructor comments: Joanie is perky and cutesy. She attempts to be motivating and keep you interested. Not nearly as chatty as some other instructors.

Jen Pitoniak

I've been doing this workout twice every December for several years and still get a kick out of it every time. Joannie is such a goofball and so corny, but it's kind of fun working out to Christmas music around the holidays. I don't think there's any other workout available like it.

Workout length is 31 minutes, with a 5 minute warm-up, 20 minutes mixed impact/weight circuit and 5 minutes cooldown/stretch. Cueing isn't all that great, but the moves are very basic and if you're not exactly with the instructor it won't make a big difference in your workout. Joannie even says to do your own thing if anything she's doing gets to be too tough. The weight segments are all pretty much the same, just upper body toning. You'll have to use light weights since the moves are fairly quick. This isn't a strength-building workout by any means. The weight segments are similar to the "four-limb" segments from The Firm. There are three short cardio sections, each followed by the weight section.

Set looks like someone's home decorated for Christmas, complete with tree, fireplace and wooden santas. Music is all vocal elevator-type versions of Christmas favorites, like Silver Bells, I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas, Joy to the World, Jingle Bells, Rudolph, 12 Days of Christmas, etc. Like I said, corny but fun. I never do this workout at any other time of year or I'd get tired of it quickly. Besides, it'd just be weird!

Workout is geared mostly to beginners, but I'm advanced and don't mind it, you can always modify up if you want a more intense workout.

Instructor comments: Joannie is a goofball who doesn't take herself too seriously; however, she is serious about health and fitness. She's fun to work out with if you aren't bothered by silliness.


December 22, 2005

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