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Cardio Coach Volume 6

Candace Grasso

Let me start by saying I have all the cardio coach workouts and I have been anxiously awaiting the newest release. I am so disapointed :( I use the cardio coach volumes running outdoors or on my treadmill, and at the gym on the elliptical and bike, etc. For V6, I hit the pavement outdoors. The warm-up music had me repeating in my head over and over in time with my stride, boring, boring, boring. I suppose if I was at the gym with a magazine to occupy my head while warming up, it would have been okay. Other cardio coach volumes usually get me pumped. I can't remember if it goes to a "steady state" or right to the first challenge. I checked the cardio coach site and at the time of this writing, it incorrectly points you to the V5 breakdown. I did like the general layout of the workout in terms of the challenges, sprints, hillclimbs, etc., it can be as tough as you want if you put your all into it. The problem? I just found Candace to be so incredibly non-motivating. The music is mediocre and her words seem forced and scripted. Blech. At the end of the workout, I cross the "finish line" get through the cooldown and am looking forward to the stretch. Problem? There really isn't a stretch. You are instructed to sit cross-legged, breathe in two deep breaths and then lie down where you are guided through progressive muscle tightening to the point of making all your muscles "burn" by squeezing them. You start with curling and squeezing your toes (I honestly got cramps in my feet from doings this) and then tighten and squeeze all your muscles from all the way up to your face, then release. Uhm, this was brilliant. I finish a tough interval workout, my body has just finished the cooldown, my muscles are tight and this is the stretch? I want my money back. Please someone bring back Coach Sean! If you are new to Cardio Coach, I highly recommend V5 and V4. They both get my adrenaline soaring!

Instructor comments: As this is an audio workout, there is not much to judge but voice, inflection, effectiveness, etc. Her voice did not affect me positively or negatively, lukewarm.




I think Candace rocks! She motivated me to push harder than I've ever thought I could bear. Yes, it was HARD - AAAGGGGHHHH! - but it was the most incredible time I've ever had working out. I managed to burn a whopping 676 calories during the 54 minute workout. At the end of each interval challenge, I literally celebrated with jumping (well, bouncing on my bike seat) and shouting with sheer delight. (Ok, I do have to admit that I never finished the final two parts of the last challenge as the CDR I burned the workout on was scratched and ruined that part for me. I so was freaking disappointed and mad as heck. I had made it that far and I was ready to finish it off grandly. I was TICKED!!!)

The first "half" of the workout is comprised of sprint challenges and they are truly CHALLENGES! On more than one occasion I've had to rein myself in because my heart rate was beyond the level I should be.

The second "half" of CC6 has dramatic hill climbs broken off into level challenges. The final challenge is grueling; not only do you do several hill climbs, you finish each section with an all out sprint where the road is flat and the wind's on your back.

Coach Candace coaches quite often and thoroughly throughout the workout. Some people may not like it, but I loved every moment. She helped me to push further and harder than I thought conceivable. And most of all, she helped me not to quit when I felt like falling apart. As she says, "Pain is temporary, but quitting is forever." Candance not only encouraged me to succeed, she succeeded in yanking out my courage from deep inside of me to finish what I started. She was that darn good.

For those who think they might miss hearing Coach Sean's voice, don't fear. Throughout the workout, Coach Sean keeps his presence known by counting down in the background. (Egads, the man's got a sexy voice - there's no missing that. ) I appreciated his presence for many reasons. Mostly, it eased my conscience about enjoying a workout without him being the lead coach. Plus, it was just nice knowing that he was there, very much a part of my workout.

As for the music, honestly, I was concentrating so hard on the workout that I really didn't pay too much attention other than to enjoy it. The music was great for setting the pace and keeping the drama alive, very much in the typical Cardio Coach style. I don't recall noticing any parts of the music which I didn't like. I did, however, noticed when the spanish guitars and flameco music came to play. That's when I wanted to just be silly and dance. From my recollection, it seems that there is a compilation of many different music flavors spread throughout the workout. One part you'll hear rhythmic dramatic drums beats, then later delicious spanish guitars weaving their magic, and so on. Even at one point, I THINK I even heard some classical music similar to the tune of the 1812 overture -- I remember wanting to go BOOM! BOOM! in tune to the dramatic score as I was doing the hill climbs.

The only thing I wasn't 100% sold on initially was the relaxation session afterwards. It was hard to do, but I will admit it was effective. I would have still enjoyed a nice coached stretch session along with it. However, it was just as easily done on my own to recover from this intense workout.

I was excited about having Candace Grasso as a Cardio Coach before CC6 was release, but now that I've got to experience her this week for the first time...I'm sold! The woman has the courage and ferocity of an untamed lion but speaks gracefully like a gazelle. She amazed me in her coaching abilities during the workout and in her candidness during coach's notes.

To say the least: CC6 Rocks! Candace Rocks! Sean Rocks! Cardio Coach Rocks! You just can't lose with this double team effort.

Instructor comments: Candace was simply amazing. She's a tough coach with a huge heart and it shows! I look forward to more workouts with her.

Raquel S. (ElitaOne)

April 9, 2005

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