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Step My Way

Patrick Goudeau

I'm surprised there's no review for this - so I'm doing a quickie.

I love complex step, don't find Cathe Freidrich complex, and can 'get' Christie Taylor's by the end of the workout first time through. This is FAR more complex! I paused a few times to sit and watch some moves in slow-motion! To make this a real workout, rather than just some fun, I needed to increase the intensity throughout. During the pauses doing alternate 'up taps' (too many for my taste), I changed them all to up-jumps so they became mini-blasts. I also used a 10" step and was tired but not wasted after an hour. I put myself at int/adv fitness level, not seriously advanced by any means.

It didn't require a ton of space - I managed easily for that. I don't think about music much unless it's very good or very bad, but Patrick's comments on it made me notice. It mostly had a good 'feel' and there were different styles, eg African & Latin. None of it was recognisable songs, all instrumental but NOT techno/electronic muzak, which I find boring.

For those who don't like 'taking it from the top' you probably wouldn't be happy, but complexity fiends will probably enjoy going through the whole routine once mastered as it's a busy one! I think there were 3 combinations for the main workout with a bonus at the end.

Fitness level (if done as intended) - intermediate.
Complexity - seriously advanced!

Instructor comments: He's obviously in a good mood and having a good time, nothing untoward about him at all. Cueing is rather good, not atrocious or late.


June, 2007

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