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Aligning Your Chakras With Yoga

JJ Gormley

This is a short tape which starts with about 10 minutes of lecture, during which JJ uses a skeleton to show the locations and purposes of the seven chakras. I found it helpful and her technique of using the skeleton really helps pinpoint exactly where you should be concentrating for each chakra. After that is 20 minutes of yoga poses. I wonít say itís a yoga routine, because itís really just a series of poses. For each pose, you stay in the position while JJ explains how to align each chakra in the particular pose youíre doing. So for example, while in bridge pose, JJ takes you through each of the seven and explains how to adjust yourself so that you are getting the full benefit of the pose. Besides bridge, you also do cobra, table, tadasana, and triangle. I found this very interesting and felt stretched and relaxed when I was done, but I wouldnít do this as a regular workout. I would certainly recommend it, though, for those who want to hone their technique.

Instructor comments:

Annie S.


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