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Step Gone Wild

Rob Glick

This is my first review, and I'll be going through the workout as I remember it. Here's a little more about me: I consider myself to be a fairly advanced exerciser who enjoys Cathe step and strength, Christi, Rob, Seasun, CIA, Patrick for step routines as well. Complex step choreography is great in my book, but I don't enjoy dancey hi/lo too much (ie. Patrick's hi/lo). I have done Step Gone Wild twice since I got it about a month ago. The workout clocks in at almost 90 minutes but the time just flies by! Rob is joined by two other people and the workout takes place on an Evolution set...very techno but not really distracting. Rob begins with a fairly simple warm-up step routine that consists of mambos on the step, shuffles over the step, stomps with a twist, etc...pretty fun! The warm-up ends with some brief stretching.

On to Combination #1: This combo takes about 20 minutes to learn as Rob TIFT's a couple of times but it's not horrible. He teaches it in four parts:
1. Weave over the top
2. Shuffle down the board to a pivot turn
3. Switch on top to a rock down on the back of the step to a reverse turn on the step
4. Step kick ball-change to a rock to the front

Combination #2: This combo takes less time to learn and has three parts:
1. Karoke over the top (walk sideways over the step) to a privot turn
2. Reverse turn on the front of the step to a tango rock back
3. Reverse turn straddle to a twist turn to the back to a rock down on the side of the step

Combination #3: This combo only has one part:
1. Shuffle down the board while on top of the step to a V-step on the floor to a rock back with your back foot, then you turn and mambo on the side of the step, then you end the combo by turning to the back and planting your foot on the step while facing the back wall...whew!

After you learn combos 1-3, Rob mashes them all together to form one huge combination. He then proceeds to teach you combination #4.

Combination #4: Has three parts:
1. Elvis to the back (stand on the step and twist one leg in) to a mambo to the back to a sashay
2. Shuffle over the step to a stomp on one corner with one leg to a double stomp on the other corner with the other leg (tricky, as you stomp on one corner then using the same leg, you stomp on the other corner and turn over the step)
3. Rock on the step to a rhythm change rock to each side

Rob sends you through the whole routine a couple of times before ending with a very simple cool-down and stretch. There are some additional footage of other workouts available through Evolution, but I haven't viewed them yet...after almost 90 minutes of twisting around my step, I'm ready to turn finish for the day!

Each time I do this workout, I really enjoy it. It isn't a extremely heart-pumper workout as my heartrate mainly stays in my lowest fat-burning zone throughout the routine. Definitely a keeper! A+!

Instructor comments: I love everything I have tried from Rob! His stuff is always a blast without seeming too hard to conquer with practice.


July 3, 2006

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