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IDEA Power Low Impact

Rob Glick annoyed me right from the very start. He is annoyingly perky. We are talking Denise Austin perky here. He also doesn't seem to know his routine very well. He messes up numerous times where he has to actually stop what he is doing and march in place until he can get back on the right track again.

Despite Rob and his mess ups, I actually liked this video in the beginning. The first two routines were good and not too dancy. The steps were repeated a few too many times but I enjoyed doing them so that didn't bother me too much. The third routine was where this tape totally lost my interest. The moves were so basic and easy that my heartrate dropped drastically. Rob did go back and put all three routines together but by then I was so cooled down that, to me, it was a waste of time. I even skipped the tapes cool down because I didn't need it. This tape may have been a keeper if it hadn't been for that disappointing third routine.


If I were a low-impact person, I think I'd probably really like this. Rob does a lot of fun moves, and he's an excellent teacher, but my legs crave impact.

This workout is intermediate/advanced for intensity, with most of it being intermediate. Toward the end, after you're done learning everything, you can get your heart rate up higher.

During the first half or so, Rob seems to be having a bad day. He messes up several times. He jokes about it, and it doesn't set you back too much, but I really think the video should have been re-done. If it was just once or twice, it would be no big deal. But I don't know why they just didn't re-shoot it. And I think if I were Rob, I would have insisted!

Despite that, I still give the tape a B+. The reasons it's not an A are (1) the goof-ups described above and (2) a plain white cover. For $24.95, I think we're entitled to better!

Instructor comments: Rob Glick is extremely likeable and creative. He messes up quite a bit during the first part of this workout, though. It's not overly frustrating when he does so, but I think IDEA should have re-filmed it.

Annie S.

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