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Attitude Tu

Bernadette Giorgi

Attitude Tu is the follow up to Bernadette's first workout, Attitude Ballet & Pilates Fusion. The workout runs approximately 52 minutes and can be broken into separate workouts (due to time constraints or specific needs).

The set is sparse (white floors/background with a pink curtain off to one side) but seems to work because of the type of workout this is. (it's serene without being distracting) The music is relaxing instrumentals. Equipment used, but not required, include a resistance band and a small hand held weighted ball.

Bernadette includes 2 tutorial sections, one for each segment. In Ballet Basics you'll review some of the poses you'll be doing in the standing section while the Mat Basics covers the movements in the floor routine. These tutorials are helpful for beginners to master the poses (and enhance their benefits).

The workout begins with rhythmic movement to gently warm the body. It's very easy to follow and you'll just flow through the gentle twists and plie movements.

The standing section is ballet inspired (and really keys in on toning the lower body). Bernadette uses the band to incorporate some upper body resistance for a total body session. Traditional ballet exercises (plies, releves, curtsy lunges, tondu, etc) are incorporated. The combinations are taught add on style, repeating a few times before doing it all over on the 2nd side. Every movement flows from one to another (very graceful). The standing section contains 5 parts to it, 3 of which use the band. The other two parts utilize more traditional center barre exercises. (if your balance isn't quite there or you are a beginner, a high backed chair may be useful) These segments really tone & tighten the glutes, hamstrings and inner/outer thighs.

The floor mat section uses the ball. (the small 2lb weighted ball gently increases the effectiveness of the exercises) This segment utilizes pilates based movements to really work the entire core area. Bernadette begins with the roll up. The saw is next followed by the rollover. (as with all the exercises, the ball is optional and Bernadette has some cast members demonstrate without the ball) Crunches with bicycle work the obliques. Bernadette demonstrates a unique variation of the "dead bug" pose which really works the transverse abdominals. Using lots of variety, Bernadette chose options that will greatly help to flatten the abs. The floor work also includes leg lifts, shoot outs and circles (all which define the outer thigh/glute area).

Bernadette concludes the workout with a relaxing stretch. She also performs stretches between sets of exercises during the actual routines. The final stretch will "unkink" your muscles you have just worked & cool you down.

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