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Gilad Fat Burning Workout

This is a high-impact tape with intermediate-level intensity. Sometimes it gets down to beginner level -- there is too much marching in place between combos sometimes. The entire workout is about 45 minutes. It's an "okay" workout. I choose it on days when I don't have the brain power to do any fancy choreography, but want a decent high-impact workout. Overall, I give it a B.

Annie S.

This is one of my favorite videos. I like the mixed impact and the variety in choreography. I like working out with Gilad because of his personality. My favorite part of the tape is when we get to "do our own thing for 30 seconds." The music is the same that he used for his shows but I like it. There are no vocals and the moves are coordinated with the changes in the music. I also really like the 4 people in the background. There are all enthusiastic and appear to be having lots of fun. I am not dead by the end of the workout but I feel like I have exercised sufficiently. He could limit the marching in place but that isn't for everyone. My roommates all like to work out to this tape, too, and they are not as in shape as me, so they value those marches in place!

Jamie Rinaldi

I really like Gilad's personality and I don't argue with those who love his videos. In my opinion only, his videos are not for me (Sculpt and Tone isn't too bad). To me, Fat Burning is a beginner level workout. It requires very little floor space because you only use about a 2 square foot area. I like to move around more with grapevines, etc. He does marching (lots and lots), knee lifts, toe touches to the side and back, kicks, a little boxing, jumping jacks and more of that type of thing. Lots of repetition. I felt my heart rate starting to increase only after about 23 minutes, and never got into my target zone -- although by this point I wasn't trying very hard. If you hate dancy videos, this might be for you. It's more like calesthenics.

The music is more like a 'beat' in the background that, to me, becomes almost droning and monotonous. The warm-up is really thorough (I didn't make it to the cool down). Even though the moves were very simple, it was a little difficult to follow because when Gilad says "right foot" he means "his" right foot and you're actually using your left if you want to follow him. I'm used to always beginning something with "my" right foot.

Like I said, this is a good video if you're looking for this type of video. I wish he'd come out with something more advanced.

Joni O

Gilad's "Fat Burning Workout" is an older video (copyright 1990) that last the test of time by providing a good, solid workout. It is 30 minutes of high/low impact aerobics with a five minute warmup section and a five minute cooldown section. The 30 minutes of aerobics consist of basic moves which may not seem so challenging if you like your videos "dancy" but for me, I get my workouts in at 5:00 am and I want my choreography simple but the workout to be at an advanced level. I consider myself to be at an intermediate/advanced level and Gilad definately made me sweat. I would have to say that this workout is at the intermediate level. If you are looking for a good old-fashoned, not fancy, but a tough, solid 30 minute workout. This video is for you.

Tiffanee Saunders

On cardio work, I am an intermediate exerciser who is playing with advanced choreography. Regardless of the level of choreography, I cannot take a lot of impact in my workouts. Arthritis makes a lot of jolting to my joints in advisable. I have gotten very good at modifying workouts to decrease impact.

This workout was one I did not enjoy. First, the impact was way too much on my joints and when I modified it, the intensity dropped so sharply that I didnít feel I had gotten a good workout. Second, I also found it boring, probably because I prefer more choreography than this workout provides.

Instructor comments: As usual, Gilad is motivating and descriptive in leading the workout.

Laura S.

October 7, 2004

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