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NOTE: This is based on previewing the tape


The set is different from the beginner and cadet tape. Its funkier. Very nicely produced all around. The music might be the same - not sure .. but I liked it a lot.


You start right off with combos - rather fast. She's motivational and continues to give continual form pointers without being annoying.

Then you do this in/in out out football run type interval for maybe 30 seconds.

Then boxer shuffles and then she goes on to stretch.

15 roundhouses on each side (yikes)

Jump rope (she gives lots of pointers - each jumproper is doing something different and she teaches fancy stuff). 30 seconds

Then 15 side snap kicks on each side

Static lunges

Side kick/front kick (15) each side

60 seconds jump rope

Static lunges

60 seconds jump

side kicks

punch combos

12 pushups (fast)

more punch combos

pushups (wide stance) 12

another short punch combo phase

more pushups (fancier)

Then fancy jumprope (30 secs? 60 secs?)

Then she TEACHES jump front kicks! She breaks it down for you!

Then side kicks with side punches


Then she uses a chair.. does roundhouse kick leg lifts - 10 or 15 on each side, and then tricep dips. She does this again (kicks/dips).

Then it is on to the floor - floor leg work.

Then This cool move that starts you in a modified pushup position (but not quite .. legs are further in, I think, Butt is higher, arms are perpendicular to the ground). You pull each arm up. Its a neat move. You do this for a while.

Then stretch, and on to abs. Abs are like what she did in Cadet training.. nothing new here.

Then stretch, and it is over!

A+ !!!

Leela Keshavan

This workout is one of the more advanced kickboxing workouts in the recent group of videos that have been released by Katalin. The program runs about 52 minutes long and has Katalin in the center with other exercisers surrounding her.

This workout has been detailed by Leela, so I just want to give my overall view on this workout. This is my favorite of all the videos she's done so far; it has a lot of formats combined into one. You have a circuit toning sections as well as interval sections throughout the whole workout. The circuit toning is a series of lunges or push-ups interspersed throughout the kickboxing sequences. Also there are jump rope sections that are also interspersed throughout the workout raising your heart rate toward the anaerobic zone. This gives this particular program a lot of intensity as well as variety. You do something and move on to the next thing. At the end there is a series of standing leg lifts that are basically holding and pulsing various stages of a round house kick as you move between each round there is a set of tricep dips. Then the end has floor legwork and abs. This tape also has the best break down of a jump front kick I've ever seen.

I like the fact that Katalin gives so many pointers throughout the routine as well as suggestions on how to modify the moves that it makes this program approachable by an intermediate exerciser as well as motivating for advanced exercisers.

Instructor Comments: Katalin is professional and motivating. She has the best form I've seen so far when it comes to kicking and punching techniques in a kickboxing video. She has a great capability to explain moves and to make sure that form is not sacrificed during a workout. I can see Katalin becoming a favorite instructor for many, especially if she continues to produce videos of this caliber.

Lisa Kucharski

This is a 50-minute kickboxing video. Itís billed as an advanced workout containing aerobic and anaerobic intervals. I found after doing this tape a few times, it lacked the intensity and spark that make a great workout.

Katalin obviously knows kickboxing. During the intro screens they show her doing some great moves with incredible intensity and focus. If only she had that same intensity and focus in this workout it might have made it better. I am a bit of a kickboxing snob, there are so many flooding the market you have to be picky to weed out the ďother tapesĒ

There are many good combos in this tape; I really did like most of the punching combos. But the timing with the music and the cueing did flow. All of the combos were way off to the beat of the music. I know its kickboxing, but if your going to have music with such a good beat, use it or turn the music down. The transitions from side to side were also very choppy no transitions just move to the next side. That I didnít like. And the voice cues bothered me. Each and every count in many of the combos she counts each rep or counts them One, Two. One, Two for the punching work. There are good pointers and reminders on form, but itís not necessary to count down each beat!

The intensity of this tape just wasnít consistent. Never did I approach my anaerobic phase and I found many times during the workout I went below my target aerobic heart rate.

The breakdown of the tape is as follows:

A nice warm up with punches and footwork. This is a nice warmup that gets you punching from the get go and the footwork gets you moving and warm. A nice stretch follows.

The body of the workout begins with a punch-kick-block segment. Then moves into a section of roundhouse kicks. I did like the progression to roundhouse. Instead of moving right into the kicks you do a little bit of stationary slow kicking to get the movement down before you turn the hi kicks on. Then you move into a jump-roping segment. She show different footwork patterns you can use, and even one person doesnít use a rope as a modification for those at home who donít have the room.

The next section is stopping kicks and static lunges. The static lunges are a major break in the intensity. I found that if I used to 15 lb. Dumbbells during the lunges it helped to keep the intensity up. Then you do more kicking drills. Then on to more jump roping.

The next segment has alternating front lunges, once again an intensity drop with roundhouse kicks. More jump roping to follow.

Then you move on to some nice punching combos. I really liked the double jab-upper-hook-upper combo. This combo really felt like it fit together well. Then you move into pushups.

More punching combos follow, as well as more pushups and pushup variations. Followed by more jump roping.

The next segment works on roundhouse kicks. A back fist round house, combo is included. Followed by more pushups.

The last section is all standing legwork. Controlled leg lifts, extensions, and pulses all work the leg and make for better kicking technique. There are also 3 or 4 sets of dips off a chair.

A nice stretch follows.

The components of the tape are well thought out and performed with great form. I just think that it could have been put together in a more logical more intense format. If youíre looking for an advanced kickboxing video, you may want to pass on this one. Itís more intermediate at best. But proper form is presented through out the workout.

Susie F.

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