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GI JABB: Turbo Training

Katalin Zamiar

I am writing this review after doing this workout many times. I consider my cardio level to be intermediate. I enjoy kickboxing with fairly straightforward drills or combos. I’m not a Tae Bo fan.

Turbo Training is approximately 28 minutes long. This is an older workout (copyright looked to be 1999) and to the best of my knowledge is only available on VHS. The box states that you should be proficient with her Workout 1 before doing this tape (the roundhouse kicks go at a quick speed). Most of the drills are done 10 on one side and then quickly switch lead legs and do 10 on the other side. In the case where you switch immediately from one side to another or are in a front stance you do a total of 20 reps (so that each side has 10).

Warm Up: approximately 6 minutes
- lead, cross
- lead, cross with a shuffle back/front
- double jab, upper
- jab, knee block, switch to other side/jab, knee block switch to other side – repeat for 20
- horse stance palm heel strikes
- stretches

Workout: approximately 16 minutes
- front snap kick from back leg
- boxer’s bounce with a cross
- isolated front snap kick from a cat stance
- lead kick, knee block, cross
- front snap kick, switch to other side/front snap kick, switch to other side
- squat, front kick one side, squat, front kick other side
- roundhouse kicks (3 slow reps breaking down the steps and then 10)
- roundhouse kicks faster speed
- grab (pretend to be grabbing someone in front of you and bringing them closer), roundhouse kick
- hook (pretend to be grabbing someone’s shoulder or the crook of their elbow), roundhouse kick
- stomp kicks (3 slow reps breaking down the steps and then 10)
- stomp kicks faster speed
- cross, hook, pause
- upper cut, hook, shuffle back front
- cross block, font thrust kick
- lead front kick, palm heel strike
- boxer’s bounce with jab, cross
Isolation Drills:
- roundhouse kicks (3 sets of 10 on each side, at a quick speed)
- stomp kicks side to side
- font kicks, rear leg, lead leg (20 and then switch which leg is the rear and which is the lead)

Cool Down: approximately 5 minutes
- jab, jab, cross, slip
- jab, cross, upper cut, upper cut, pause in a front stance
- jab, cross, upper cut, upper cut, body roll in a front stance
- stretches

Katalin is working out in a large open room with 6 background exercisers. There is not much color on the set. There is a brick wall in the back with shelves and plants and a large window to the left. The floor is cement gray. The exercisers are mostly in subdued grays, blues and browns.

The biggest downfall to this workout is the fact that the moves don’t always correspond with the beat of the music. If that's a big one for you, you'll probably want to stay away from this workout.

Overall, I love this workout! The workout is short but I work up a good sweat. The moves are straightforward and change frequently. This is my go-to workout when I want something quick that will work up a sweat and not require too much thinking.

Instructor comments: Katalin is a wonderful instructor whose form execution and pointers are excellent. I appreciate her business-like and professional demeanor.



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