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G-Force Super Conditioning

A really fun tape when you want to pack a lot in a 60minute workout using circuit training. As in all the G-Force tapes, they use the tag-team format which makes time fly. The tape uses the Spri bands for all the exercises, but I am too lazy to dig mine out so instead I modify with handweights. The five minute aerobic sections on and off the step are athletic moves and easy to follow (yes, even Patrick's). They mambo, punch, squat, lunge, do plyo moves on and off the step, push-ups, tricep dips, and unusual ab work using the band. I used light weights throughout the workout (due to tendonitis which can flare up any time) and felt satisfied at the end of the workout. The music is great and I highly recommend it.

MaryAnn Parker

This is a fantastic combination of circuit, interval, and strength. There are 5 "sections" consisting of cardio, interval cardio, and strength. All the cardio moves are pretty basic which allows you to get your heart rate up, and they're short, so you don't want a lot of complexity anyway. The G's use tubing for the strength segments, but you can substitute dumbbells for most things if you want to. In each strength section, each G does a different variation, and each explains what he's doing. They really keep you interested, and some of the variations are pretty unique. This one just flies by -- the 60 minutes seems more like 30. Grade A+.

Annie S.

I have been exercising at home for about 6 years now and truly enjoy the variety of instructors and videos out there. I have not had a G-Force video since Ultimate Step and Ultimate Hi/Lo, I decided to try the boys again.

Super Conditioning is a circuit tape using tubing instead of weights, although you can substitute weights, the G-Force shows various ways of utlizing the tube for specific body parts. With all that said this video left me flat.

The circuits were mostly lunges and squats on and off the step. Patrick's was the most complex (surprise!), but basic compared to his usual choreo. Darren and Rob were athletic. With all that being written, I found this tape boring. My problem is that I thought the circuits would be on the step, but most were on the floor with lunges and squats, running back and forth and so on. Some however were on the step, but boring. The tubing segments were very creative. I was surprised at how many different ways you can use the tubing. The only other instructor that is that creative is Gay Gasper and I have the Step 'n Stones II and The Greatest Step Tape Ever. My problem is that the above mentioned tapes and Gin Miller's and Cathe's IMHO the best circuit tapes around. Christi's 20 minutes segment on Step Heaven has more "fun factor" and kicks booty.

Instructor comments: Patrick, Darren and Rob and just great together. They realy enjoy each other and complement each other. There teaching styles are different yet the same. What else can I say, I love these guys.

April 8, 2002

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