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Phenomenal Abdominals

Francesca Gern

Let me start off by saying that I usually do not care to work just my abs but I wanted to review this video for all you video fans. Here's the breakdown of the video: short pre-stretch warmup then onto stretches with a dynaband or towel (these feel sooo good!). After stretching we move right into the workout.

"Circuit 1" basic crunch, crunch with legs in air, reverse crunch, then Fran does a "superset" by combining all 3 in a set.

"Circuit 2" crossover crunch, bench crunch, crossover bench crunch, then Fran does a "superset" by combining all 3 in a set.

"Circuit 3" reverse crunch, bent-knee pulse (pulse knees into chest quickly), then Fran supersets these 2 exercises.

"Circuit 4" v-sit-ups (legs in air and arms overhead and you try to touch toes), pulse (legs in air and lift hips), then she supersets the 2.

Circuit 5" Using a 5lb plate, regular crunch, vertical crunch, bench crunch, crossover bench crunch)

"Circuit 6" (no plate) basic crunch, reverse crunch, explosive crunch

"Circuit 7" crossover explosive crunch, combo crunch, easy crunch, "Rachels" alternate knee to elbow, then she supersets easy crunch with "Rachels".

"Circuit 8" push crunch, punch crunches, then supersets the above 2.

Cooldown stretches complete the workout.

Fran packs a lot in 30 min. I enjoyed the tape but as I've said, I'm not really an ab person. When I tried this video and any others of Fran's I've been motivated to push a little harder. With this said, I will reach for this vid again because time flew by and I felt like I was doing something great for my body. Fran's little reminders and stretches throughout the workout felt good and relaxed me.

Instructor comments: Friendly, knowledgeable, and supportive Fran's personality shines on camera. She makes you feel she's right in your workout area working out with you.

Lesia English

I wanted to write this review for those of you who might rush out and buy this video and be disappointed by it.

This is a okay video, but it is not great. There is standard Ab work that we have all seen in done in a million other videos.

There are not special twists to anything and there is nothing new added here that you wouldn't see tacked on to the end of any other video you own.

The production quality of these videos is sub-par as well so Firm users may be disappointed by that.

You will find tougher Ab work in any Cathe videos as well.

My final analysis is if you don't have any other Ab videos then this is okay. If you do then you may be wasting your money or this very average Ab Video.

Instructor comments: Very likable instructor

Dee Dee


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