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Karate Aerobics

This video is only 38 minutes long, including warm up and cool down. I bought it for the karate aspect - as a way to combine karate moves and cardio. The warm up consists of sequences of slower Tai Chi moves, but is difficult to follow as there is no cuing. The aerobic portion is better in terms of cuing but much too short. As well, the Star Trek like appearance of the instructor and participants is a little corny. In fact, I would have preferred the money be spent on better quality film. As always, Lisa Gaylord is a pretty grim leader - she takes this much too serious. I have never done the cool down as it is yoga based. The cool down is not led by Lisa and there is more corny lighting as well. I do not recommend this one - my purpose in buying it was to learn to incorporate karate into aerobics for teaching others and in that aspect it was somewhat helpful although the shortness of the program limits that as well. I do believe Lisa Gaylord does know her stuff as she has earned, according to the write up on the video, three black belt degrees and she this is not her first aerobic video (just her first karate one). However, this video is best passed over for both low quality and not much in quantity.

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