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Total Body Basics

Gay Gasper

At the time of this review, this dvd is being offered by for free ($7 shipping charge).

This is a total body strength routine which lasts for about 40-45 minutes. Gay uses a stability ball, mat, step, set of dumbbells and a resistance band. The warmup consisted of pretty basic foot patterns while moving the stabilty ball. This was very effective in warming up the upper and lower body and fun. You move on to alternating upper and lower body exercises with a few compound moves. She alternates the equipment during this part of the workout so there is a nice variety. There is one blooper where she does one legged squats on one side but not the other. The exercises are challenging but not killer. She follows that section with about 10 minutes of core work. For some reason, I like her core work a lot. There's a very short stretch at the end. The dvd is shot outside on a deck and the production quality is very good. Gay is by herself. I've heard the music on other videos, but it's not bad.

I feel like this was $7 very well spent. Strength training is not my favorite, but I really enjoyed this routine. There's a nice variety of exercises and it feels like a true total body workout. It's also time efficient. I will definitely use the core section on its own as an add on. This is very similar to the Sara City Workout called Strength Factor Express.

Instructor comments: Gay's professionalism and enthusiasm for her work shines through.


March 29, 2006

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