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La Toya Jackson's Step Up Workout

This step workout contains basic moves, but they're put together in a fun way, so they don't get boring. The music is great -- very upbeat and motivating. You can choose your intensity level by varying the height of your step. With 2 risers, I got a great workout.

The one annoying part of this tape is La Toya's inane giggling. You would think she's on drugs or something. She *constantly* giggles for no apparent reason. It really makes you think she's not very bright, but after the workout, she says a few words about exercise and her own fitness level, and she does sound like an intelligent human being. If you're looking for a tape with great music (they're hard to find!), just do your best to ignore La Toya and you'll have fun.

Annie S.

For $4.99, this tape is the bargain of the year! It's an hour-long workout, complete with abwork and a decent-length cooldown and stretch. Gay is really the focus of the class; she gives a nod to LaToya here and there but LaToya -- unlike Cher -- by and large keeps her mouth shut. When she does say something, she's trying to be helpful, not funny so it's okay. Another review mentions her giggling which I would have never noticed if not for that review; the music in this video is upbeat and loud enough to enhance the workout and it serves to drown out the giggling. As for the workout, it's typical Gay style -- basic moves put together in interesting ways, without a ton of repetition before taking the routine from the top. There are three segments -- which probably total close to 45 minutes -- one with the step turned toward the TV. If you like variation, but shy away from tricky moves, then this is perfect. I'd grade it an intermediate tape; I had to add my own power to get a good sweat going, but it was easy to do if you'r familiar with power moves used in basics, v-steps, knee-ups, straddles etc. Also, there are power moves demonstrated by two class members (who BTW are the same ones in Gay's Next Step videos) but Gay doesn't really focus on them so you have to kind of check them out on your own. All in all, if you can find this tape for $4.99, it can't be beat. It's a great, safe, quality tape and LaToya -- who I'm sure was considered to be the selling point -- doesn't appear to be much more than an afterthought for Gay Gaspar, who does an excellent job here. As an intermediate tape, A+

Donna Kahwaty

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