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Strength Factor Express

Gay Gasper

I really enjoyed Gay's Step Factor Express and Hi-Low Express, because they're efficient and do the job--pack a punch in about 30 minutes. Strength Factor Express does the same thing.

Background is the recent Sara's City (it has a new name but I just can never remember the acronym) one of random post-modern glass shapes flanking a golden brown wood paneled parquet workout floor (it reminds me of the tiny "dance" spaces they have at corporate banquet halls). Music is generic enough that I just didn't notice it.

Typical of short-and-sweet strength workouts, she does compound moves. YOu start with knee-ups on the step combined with hammer curls. Then one-armed rows combined with rows where you square your shoulders at the end of the move. Other moves include:

a brief set of back lunges/hammer curls into knee-ups,

side lunges off the step, combined with side leg lifts and upright rows

a side-lateral/row/tricep kickback combo,

a bicep curl/Arnold press/side lateral combo

planks on the step combined with "jacks"

and that "handstand" move where you squat with your feet on the step, then thrust your legs up behind you

Crunches for abs; oblique crunches using a weight on the shoulder, crunches with the legs in a V shape in the air, side lateral crunches also on the ground

Instructor comments: I really like Gay. It's fascinating to have seen her in the old Tim Culwell videos as a background exerciser, then through various CIA videos and Sara's City as well. She's a friendly but no-nonsense professional who sometimes seems to fumble word-wise just a wee bit in front of the camera, but no big deal. I find her workouts in general to be straightforward but just interesting enough not to be too simplistic, and with some truly great inspired workout moments. I bet she'd be an awesome personal trainer.



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