Video Fitness


Gay Gasper

A 40-minute high/low workout (including the warmup and cooldown), followed by lecture for instructors. This is good! It is intermediate in choreography, and intermediate *overall* in intensity. The intensity starts off pretty low, and just when you think youíre getting bored, Gay kicks it up. The entire workout ranges from beginner-intensity to advanced-intensity, so thatís why I call it intermediate. The music is pretty decent; there are two songs that are also on Christiís Hi/Lo Heaven. One of them is used in both the warmup and the cooldown, and itís the very first song on Hi/Lo Heaven Ė one that always gets me in a happy mood! Gay TIFTS, but it doesnít seem repetitive at all. This is a Saraís City video, and the production quality is better than in previous years. Grade A.

Annie S.


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