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Comments about Gay Gasper

Facts about Gay Gasper

  • AFAA and ACE-certified
  • 1992 Gold Medalist, National STEP Challenge Championship
  • was Inside Edition's fitness expert
  • former STEP trainer for the New York Jets

Comments about Gay Gasper

Fun, pixie instructor. Reminds me of Kari Anderson -- upbeat, positive personality. Likes to use dancy movements. Cuing is great, and she appears to be a very experienced instructor.

Eulonda Skyles

I don't know Gay's videos very well, but I really liked her choreography style and her cuing on the Step Champions section of the video that came with my health club step (the one that also contains a section with Tim Culwell and Nadia Comaneci). Her cuing is crystal clear, her form is impeccable, and she uses a wide variety of easy-to-follow moves that constantly change direction to keep things interesting. Gay's tapes would probably be good choices for intermediate exercisers.

Wendy Niemi Kremer

Gay's cueing is excellent, and she's very good at teaching part of a combination and then building on, rather than trying to teach it all at once.

Annie S.

I had bought Gay Gaspar's two-pack for $9.99 a year or so ago and wasn't looking for much more than variety. I'd never heard of Gay so I wasn't expecting much but thought for the price, I'd check it out. I was pleasantly surprised to find that her routines featured varied choreography and clear cuing. Unfortunately,the aerobic segments of these tapes were about 15 minutes each. When I heard that Gay had led LaToya's tape, I tried to get it but was told it had been discontinued. Imagine how happy I was to see it at Saturday Matinee for $4.99! I couldn't wait to check it out.

Donna Kahwaty

I like Gay as an instructor. She does pretty well with cuing, although not as good as Cathe and there is no whooping in this video.

Sue Jones

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