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Gay Gasper Basic Training Camp Cardio

I must admit that I had extremely low expectations for this tape, only because I had never purchased a tape by Gay Gasper and knew nothing of her reputation, and also because I paid only 10.99 for a two tape set, so at 5.50 per tape, I didn't think I'd get too much for my money. The tape cover didn't even state whether this was a beginner, intermediate, or advanced tape, but I've been on such a "military kick" of late, that the tapes' theme of basic workouts based on the Army fitness regimen of training intrigued me.

Well, I can certainly say that I was in for a surprise. I ended up liking Camp Cardio a lot. My main problem is that the workout length is simply too short. The jacket claims you get a 30 minute cardio workout. Not true, the aerobic portion of the tape is a mere 13 minutes. However, in those 13 minutes , you will be challenged. Gay runs you through a series of moves including jumping jacks, knee ups, ski, basic marching, and an ultra tough move (for me) called the "Iron Mike", which is kind of like a jumping lunge. What I like to do is simply repeat the entire aerobic section twice for a 40 minute aerobic workout that will definitely challenge you. (my fitness level is about high-intermediate/low-advanced, by the way). Or, you could use this as an add on to another tape or after strength work for extra cardio.

The other thing I wish was different about the aerobics section is that Gay is of the instructor style that builds one move upon another, then takes it all from the top by the end. I'm not too fond of that style, as the Firm, with it's constantly changing instructors, music, and equipment, has spoiled me. However, it is a no nonsense, yet challenging workout, that features basic moves which anyone can catch onto easily. The music, set, and clothes of the cast are all of a patriotic, military theme. Gay and the other 2 exercisers wear camouflage pants and combat boots. The music is an interesting diddy that sounds like the chants of an Army regiment--hard to explain, but very appropriate. The set on the other hand is HORRIBLE! Very low budget, plain, with an American flag and stars in the background. I do find it somewhat distracting at times because it is so ugly! I've no idea why they didn't just film the tape outdoors. She does a very thorough cooldown, however does only a few stretches. (She does more thorough stretching in the companion tape, "Military Muscle", however) All in all, I think it's a good workout which would be appropriate as an cardio add-on to other tapes. I give this tape an A- b/c the length was too short, the choreography not as diverse as I would've liked, but it was an overall enjoyable workout. (On the other hand, I give the set an F!)

Instructor Comments: Gay is as cute as a button. I really liked her. She does make a teeny error where she almost forgets to do a segment of the routine at the end, but nothing serious. She's motivating and energetic, but not falsely perky or bubbly. I enjoyed this tape and probably will purchase more of her videos in the future.


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