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Step 'N Motion III

This video starts out with a long warm-up, followed up by a stretch and a beginning step routine. It takes a while before you get into the higher impact section of this tape. I was able to catch on to all the moves the first time through this tape and I don't consider myself to be one to catch on to complex moves right away. I think the choreography is fairly easy to catch on to.
After the beginning section, Cathe moves into an interval/upper body rotation. This is the section where I really began to sweat. She starts with a short step routine and follows with upper body work -- curls with weights, push ups off bench, etc. I think there were three intervals followed by a cool down. The step section includes moves over the top and walking around the step with leaps to get the heart rate up.
The only thing that I didn't like about this video was the set. It looked like my senior prom, with aluminum-foil stars and a drapped background. No doubt this is an older video, with the participants wearing lacy leggings. But if you can get past that, the workout is enjoyable. I think it's a good video to try if you are interested in trying Cathe for the first time.

This is the first Cathe tape that I have tried. So far I really like her, but I want to do newer tapes before I form a strong opinion. I don't think the moves in this tape were very complex, but her cueing was excellent.


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