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Step 'N Motion II

This is an older Cathe Friedrich tape. It was overall on the low end of OK. Cathe actually looked pudgier to me, especially in the hips and face. The production quality of the tape was OK. None of the steppers were the same ones as in her later videos. I don't think one of them changed expression throughout the entire thing.

It started up with a warm-up and stretch, then went into some low impact aerobics. I really didn't care much for this section, and it was the only part of the tape I had a hard time following. A little too dancy for my tastes. Next was some fast high impact aerobics. I had a ball with this section - I hadn't done those in years, and I was really breathing hard at the end.

Next was step. It was pretty easy to follow, nothing complex and fancy like, say, Step Jam. It ended on a pretty intense combo - lunges off the end of the step like in section 3 of Step Max, then low impact touches to the sides, then high impact lunges moving forward and back along the bench,then lunges off the end, etc.

Then there was step with weights. The moves were very basic - just basic and V's. I started out with 5 pound weights and downloaded to 3's;she does a lot of reps. First was upright rows, then lats, delts, and Ithink another section that I can't remember now. Then we picked up the 5 pounders and did forward lunges on the bench. Then she doubled the weights (2 5's in one hand) and did bicep curls. There was also some tricep work on the bench, then pushups using the bench, then you lie with your chest on the bench and work the rhomboids.

The ab section was good. I really felt my obliques in this one. She does them in a bit of an unusual way. You put your ankle on your knee,but intead of lifting your opposite shoulder to the opposite knee, you lift your elbow on the same side to that lifted knee.

I've only done this tape twice, and will not use it on a regular basis. It's just not as fun and challenging as her newer tapes, and it's got some of that "corniness" that I so hate - dancy/funky moves (low impact section),and just a bit of annoying class input.

Debbie KennyTOP


This is Cathe's second video, dated 1991, the first follow-up to Step 'N Motion I. I really enjoy this video - it is very tough. I have all Cathe's videos and this is an excellent tough workout. She does a nice warm-up with the step, followed a some floor low impact, and very high impact floor aerobics, like running and jacks (real fun). Her step patterns are tough - lots of power, especially the two legged hop (jumping on step in straddle position with both feet). This video was the first to show this step, as far as I know. She follows with stepping with 3 lbs. dumbells working the arms and legs at the same time (similar to FIRM segments on Tough Aeorbic Mix). Following she does some arm work with 10 lbs. for biceps, tricep work, pushups, and 5 minutes of ab work (pretty good), followed by cool-down. The music is fantastic. This is a CIA produced video. I do this video if I am in a hurry and need a quick, tough hour to workout.

MaryAnn Parker

Of the 6 Cathe F tapes I've done, this one is slightly more to my liking than the others. That's because it has some high-impact on the floor in addition to the step parts. Also, there is not as much whooping in inappropriate places. I think I might have actually liked this one if I'd had it when it first came out, but today the moves seem repetitive. I don't necessarily mind *basic* moves, but I don't want to repeat the same ones over and over. Her teaching style in this is to do simple routines over and over with 4 counts of each move, then go down to 2 counts and repeat it some more, and then on some, go down to 1 count and repeat it some more.

I think this could be good for someone who is used to floor aerobics but is just getting started with step. The intensity is intermediate and the choreography is basic. Grade B.

Annie S.

This is definetely an intermediate tape, with a warm-up and step section that lasts 36 minutes. I skip the weights, so won't review that part. The step workout is a bit repetitive, but uses a good number of higher impact modifications that really keep your heart rate up. Cathe does slow down a bit too much when teaching a new combo, but the moves are so basic that once you've done the tape once you can do the moves at regular speed and let Cathe catch up to you. I use this tape in my rotation for morning workouts when I don't want something too tough. It will wake you up! Becky


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