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Pure Strength DVD

This DVD collection from Cathe Friedrich contains the following three workouts: Click on the individual titles to read reviews of the component workouts.

Reviews of the Pure Strength DVD version:

This workout has stood the test of time, imho.

I just reaquired it and I find I really love the simplicity of it. No tempo changes, just straight forward "gym style" lifting that even has rest breaks between sets.

The music is great. It's songs I recognize and like (Legs, by ZZ Top) - but without words... mostly it's not electronic technoish-muzak which I hate. ( I like *real* hard techno, like in the 90s when i went to live step class... most "techno" I hear on dvds isn't really techno. I just don't know what to call it)

Instructor comments: In this workout, Cathe takes a longer time to stress form pointers than she does in later strength work.

She is motivating and friendly.


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