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Muscle Endurance

This video is sort of like Cathe's PowerHour video or a BodyPump class.

It starts with a fun warmup and stretch. Then there's weight moves in the following order (I might've missed one):

Step-ups on tall bench w/plate
One-armed rows
Clean & Press w/rows
Bicep curls
Chest Flyes
Tricep Dips
Ticep Kickbacks
Overhead Press w/Plate
Butt Lifts (new move)
Standing Rotation Press (new move)
Front/side Lifts
Bent Arm Side Lifts

Overall, I liked this workout. Time went by quickly because you go from move to move. My muscles were worked hard! I couldn't even do the whole abs section. There are also some new moves which were great. I think this video will show results!



I thought this workout was going to be a Power Hour II, but it is quite different. The workout starts with a non-weighted warm up and then goes right into leg presses. Cathe and gang use a 10# plate, but once you get the form down, it is suggested that you go heavier. Next comes squats with the infamous low-ends and then you go right into dead lifts. This workout is nice in that the leg work is interspersed throughout the workout so that your lower body isn't totally blown out all at once. Next you go into back work and biceps, which a very challenging segment. Here comes the leg press again and then into static lunges with low-ends. Chest is worked next and then onto triceps. Then it's the third set of leg press (each set consists of 16 reps, then 12 reps on each leg) and onto a unique move called glute raises. No equipment on that one, but you sure do feel it! Then it's shoulder work and onto a wonderful ab routine using an 8# medicine ball. One nice thing about this workout is you don't use as many different weight selections as you do in Power Hour or some of Cathe's other videos. She uses a barbell, 8 and 5# dumbbells, the med ball, and a 14" step. No club length step and no dumbbells heavier than 8's. Cathe has really improved my endurance with Body Max and Power Hour so I was able to go heavier than the video for several segments, which made it a challenging workout. Oh, and the music is super! A+

Instructor comments: Cathe is personable, charming, and motivating. She has a fabulous physique which along with her enthusiasm and energy, is very inspiring. She is in great spirits for this one and appears to be working hard, but having fun!



I am an advanced exerciser and a huge fan of Cathe's strength workouts. I wasn't sure if I would like this workout since I rarely do Power Hour. However, I love Muscle Endurance. I can't quite explain it. There is a lot of leg work (each of the three segments of this workout starts with two sets of leg presses), which I generally dislike, but for some reason ME brings out my masochistic side. My favorite move is the glute raise, a one legged squat where your back leg is extended and you put your weight on your front leg, which starts at a 90 degree angle. The static lunge segment is also really tough, but I've seen some improvement in my endurance - I can actually get through this segment now without putting down my barbell! There were also some unique upper body moves, like the bent over row combined with a clean and press (okay, that's a compound move) and the standing rotation press.

The ab/core work at the end is super tough but very creative. I like that Cathe uses Pilates influenced moves but adapts them to her own unique style.

ME manages to be fun while leaving your muscles completely fried. Another great Cathe strength workout!

Instructor comments: Cathe is in top form in this series! I like it when she jokes around about how hard the exercise is, but she always keeps going.

Caroline K


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