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Intensity Vol. 3 DVD

The Intensity Series Volume 3 DVD contains the following titles:

Reviews of the DVD version:

This is a strength workout that utilizes the full pyramid for most of the exercises.

This is unlike Joyce Vedral's pyramid workouts - you move slower than Joyce and you use much heavier weight (or at least... Cathe uses heavier weight)

I feel confident this workout will increase both strength and endurance for my muscles.

The problem is - I'd get bored doing it. I just couldn't face doing the full pyramid.

I started doing teh "Bonus Combo" which I absolutely love. It is a total body workout that makes me feel like i've really gotten in a good workout.

Additionally, the music is good (imo). One of the songs is "I wanna rock" which is featured in KPC. I like that one a lot.

The moves are not "Clever", but they get the job done. I'm currently doing this for a period of six weeks - 3 times a week, in an attempt to see what happens to my body if I actually stick to one form of weight training for a reasonable period of time.

Instructor comments: I like Cathe's demeanor and style in this workout. Friendly and informative.


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