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Gym Style Chest & Triceps

Cathe Friedrich

Initially, I didn't think I was going to like the Gym Styles, but I have been finding myself pulling them off the shelf and doing them often. So, the verdict is, I like them! I can say with certainty that anyone who does each of the Gym Styles once a week is going to see great results, increases in strength and muscle endurance.

This workout is for chest and triceps, and I was surprised that it was about 45 minutes long! There are a lot of exercises included for each body part. What I like about this workout is that she moves slowly enough through the reps to go heavy. I would say that there is too much volume in terms of reps, however. There are so many push-ups at the beginning (she does a pyramid set down), that it burns out the chest before you start using the weights. I found that doing so many push-ups before bench presses and flyes (lots of sets), made me have to pyramid the weight down as the sets progressed.

Cathe covers all the bases for each muscle group. She also adds in the bands for some extra burn-out on the triceps, which I really liked.

This workout is a winner, in my book. I give it an A-.

Instructor comments: Cathe Friedrich is a great video instructor, and she does a good job instructing this workout. She is in incredible shape, with excellent muscle definition, and is motivating both in her appearance and her personality. She's very experienced and it shows.


July 17, 2005

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