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Cardio Fusion

Cathe Friedrich

I am an advanced exerciser and the harder a workout is, the more I like it. That being said, I was very disappointed with Cardio Fusion but NOT because it wasn't hard. It was hard, but I really expected, and thought it should be bits and pieces of all her best cardio. Instead, there were a few seg's from Body Max 2, One Combo from Low Impact Circuit and the entire rest of the workout was 6 drills from Drill Max. I have Drill Max and I felt like there was just way too much of it in this video. If I wanted to do that much of Drill Max, I"d just do the video. She starts out doing a little bit of this and a little bit of that so I was loving the variety and thought I was in for a big treat but the entire second half of the workout was straight Drill Max drills and although they were hard - like I said before, I might as well have just done DrillMax. This would have been sooo much better if she would've taken the best (or maybe hardest)cardio portions of her latest videos, i.e, Imax 2 & 3, BodyMax 2, L.I.C., Cardio & Weights, Kickmax AND Drillmax. Then I feel this would have been REAL Cardio Fusion! That would've been so much better. I did however, get a good workout and was pooped at the end!

Instructor comments: This was bits and pieces of all different workouts so there's really no way to describe how she was in this workout, but we all know Cathe is wonderful so suffice it to say she was wonderful in this one too.

Denise Berger
February 5, 2007

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