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The Body Blast Series Vol. #3 DVD

Cathe Friedrich

This DVD contains the following Body Blast series titles--click for additional reviews of the individual titles:

  • Push & Pull
  • Super Sets
  • DVD-specific reviews

    I am just delighted with these workouts. Theyíre under 1 hour and complete total body workouts. Even though theyíre less than an hour, donít mistake them for ďeasyĒ day workouts, because you definitely feel worked out when youíre done. Supersets is about 55 minutes, and itís a fast-and-light weight workout. Cathe includes a lot of variety and a lot of exercises that you donít normally find on other tapes, such as rotator cuff work and some of the deltoid work. Push-Pull is about 45 minutes and is of the slow-and-heavy variety (but not nearly as slow as her Slow and Heavy workout). Itís truly a complete workout, even including calves and the front part of your lower leg. Music is pretty good for both workouts. Iím not one to spend a lot of time during a single workout doing weight training Ė usually my weight work is an add-on of 20 minutes, 30 minutes tops. However, these two are a pleasure to do as complete workouts. I donít get bored at all, which speaks loads about these. Grade A+.

    Annie S.


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