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The Body Blast Series Vol. #1 DVD

Cathe Friedrich

This DVD contains the following Body Blast series titles--click for reviews of the individual titles:

DVD specific reviews:

Iím reviewing these two workouts together because theyíre on the same DVD. Step Blast is fun! The music is not too bad, but not something I can say I like really Ė itís Top 40 remakes, but they donít sound like the original pieces. Some of Catheís music Iíve absolutely detested, so if I can say itís not too bad, then thatís an improvement. :) While I liked this step workout, Cathe herself is frustrating. New moves are not introduced well, although theyíre simple enough that you can pick them up after a couple of times. She also often cues late. I give Step Blast a B+ due to the poor cueing. Step, Jump & Pump contains step choreography that I call the best Catheís ever done. And the music is actually pretty decent. There is step, high/low, and weight work in this workout. I donít care for the high/low, and fortunately, Cathe gives pre-recorded options for doing step only or step and weights only. The weight work is slow, but she does quite a few reps Ė I didnít feel like there were too many reps, however. My same comments about the poor cueing in Step Blast apply here as well. I give it an A-, but it would have been an A or A+ if not for the bad teaching.

Annie S.


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