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Rock Bottoms

Cathe's older lower body tape - I recently tried this again after having it for a few years and find that I really enjoy it. The standing legwork is done without weights, but you can add weight. I love the second section, all floor legwork with ankle weights - I have been doing this alternating with MIS - I love it - outer, inner, hamstring - then a tough ab section. Cathe's older tapes are not discussed much, but I find them to be excellent.

maryann parker

This is a lower body strengthening/toning workout, consisting of about 10 minutes of standing work using the step, 20 minutes (approx) of floor work with ankle weights, and a warmup and cooldown.

I just do the floorwork, because I really didn't find the standing work very intense. It would be very good for beginners, though.

The floorwork consists of outer thighs, inner thighs, and hamstrings. She does lots (and lots) of reps with low weight. I found myself getting a little bored. I love doing floorwork for the legs, but I like a little more variety. In this tape, she basically just does the same exercise for several minutes at a time.

Since this is one of the earlier Cathe tapes, they use the "fake beach" background, and there is lots of whooping.

Although this is not a "bad" tape, I will be putting it on the exchange. There are several other lower body tapes that I have that keep me more interested and/or provide a better workout. I'll give this one a B-.

Annie S.

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