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CTX Upper Body

Cathe Friedrich

I’ve really enjoyed these segments. I know that they are parts from the CTX Series cardio segments, but I did them separately from the cardio segments. The workout is available separately on VHS. I have been using workout videos for about 3 three and I consider myself an intermediate exerciser.

I used this workout as a split; the first day was back and biceps and the second day was chest, shoulders and triceps. I liked most of the exercises and all of it was fairly tough, but I found the chest and triceps to be the most challenging. Those staggered push-ups in the chest segment are hard! I was able to do the first set on my toes until Cathe said it was okay to drop to the knees. For the second set of push-ups, I did them all on my knees. In the triceps segment I had to substitute overhead tricep extensions for the French presses as French presses really bother my left elbow. For the second set of tricep extension/tricep kickback supersets, I was only able to do 12 extensions to Cathe’s 16 because I didn’t want to drop the dumbbell on my head and knock myself out. Of course by the time we got to the triceps push-ups at the end my arms were fried and I wasn’t sure I’d be able to make it. I dropped to my knees and eeked them out but, oh my goodness, it was tough!

The second time I did this workout, it was just as tough, but I was able to progress a little tiny bit in some areas. I was able to increase my weights a little on back and biceps since I knew what to expect, but I definitely “feel the burn.” One thing I like about the shoulder segment is that there are overhead presses, but no Arnold presses which I am not comfortable with. I still had to do the staggered push-ups the same way—maybe I wobbled a little less, but I’m not sure. I finished all the tricep extensions with 8 pound weights, but still had to be on my knees for the tricep push-ups.

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Karen (Rhae)


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