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Yoga Sculpts

Molly Fox

This is a pretty decent yoga video. I've seen it available on both DVD and vhs. I bought the vhs and it is typical Parade quality.
Yoga Sculpts focus is on strengthening, but I feel I will gain much flexibility with this one.

This 45 min. routine starts with sun salutates and continues with warrior and triangle poses. The poses are held isometrically and a good length of time. After this section is a variation of downward dog that she does a tricep pushup while in this position and I really feel these later. I'm not sore, but could feel I worked them. This exercise was included in more sun salutes, so if you don't like doing those, you might not like this video. I used to dislike them, but finding a new appreciation for them.

There are 2 poses that are beyond what I can do with my upper body strength at the end. One is crow, but she does suggest you could do 1 foot at at time. The other is sitting with your feet in front of you and you put your arms down by your sides and lift yourself up, but my arms are the same length as my torso, so I can't do this one. But these 2 she goes through the quickest, probably because not everyone can lift their own body weight, I'm assuming.

There are other poses that help with spinal flexibility, which felt really good to me. I also liked that the routine is slow enough to master good form. For the most part Molly cues so well, I don't always need to look up at the TV all the time.

The music and scenery are nondescript; the set is just curtains with a few triangle objects in the background. Not anything spectacular. The video started out with a talk outside, but it was short. It would have been nicer if she did the workout outside as well. This normally has me thinking about not keeping a video, but the workout itself feels so good, that I want to do it again & feel those points are worth overlooking.

For a price of $10 it is well worth it. I'd rate the workout a B+.

Instructor comments: I like her. She cues well, often gives form pointers, but not as well as Yoga Zone in explaining exact form. She is good though! Nice voice and takes you out of a pose just when you think you can't hold it anylonger. She seems to be very even with timing, too.



This is a decent 35-minute workout at an intermediate or high-beginner level. Itís similar to power yoga, in that there are several strength-based poses, but itís not as hard as Bryan Kestís or Baron Baptisteís workouts. Itís good for when you feel the need to get some yoga strength work in, but donít want something too intense. This is not one Iíll ever rave about, but will definitely keep it.

Annie S.

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