Video Fitness

Abs, Buns and Thighs

Molly Fox
I have over 100 workout videos in several baskets and more are calling my name, so I am clearing out some of the ones I rarely use, but I'm trying to post reviews before I get rid of them.
This program has a copyright date of 1989. As would be expected the outfits are the shiny spandex ones of my youth. Probably enough said on that. The soundtrack is a little loud at times, but all in all this is a good basic floor work tape. It can easily be made more difficult with with ankle weights.
It breaks down as follows: 6 min. warm-up and stretch 18 min. floor work 7 min. ab work 7 min. cool down 39 min. total
Most instructors don't faze me, so I have no comments on Molly's teaching style. The only thing I got tired of was all the folding and unfolding of your mat: Molly has you fold up the mat to put under your knee when you're doing (using Joanie Greggins' term) "Hydrants." And then you open it to lay on, and re-fold for the other side. I just lay on the carpet and kept the mat folded.

Kat D.

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