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Workout Starring Jane Fonda

The video was designed into 2 parts: beginners and advanced. The beginners should be for upper intermediates. It's a very limberness-requiring program. Even when the video was edited in 1985, the program was still hard. I am very flexible, which helps me still do the video. I enjoy this video, and of all the Jane tapes I have this is my definite favorite, but new exercisers beware: don't expect a quick stretch. You're in for a long haul!

Instructor comments: Jane leads this first video of hers very well. The choreography is mostly the same from the book and album, revised a bit. She is very good to watch workout, and is a good instructor.

Michael B.

I love the setting of the class, the soundtrack is a little - actually very - dated (i've had this video for about six years, it just seemed to move with us) but I loved the fact that it was a class , class - as in there were a group of people doing the excerises: like the two token men (who can never quite touch their hands to their ankles or, well, coordinate); a short lady (who i can identify with) and slim tall women of differeing body shapes. This is definitely good because it means that on certain excercises, like the stretch ones, I can look away from Jane Fonda and check out others - like the short lady - to see if it is just me or you have to be long to be real flexible. Most of the times it is just me but at least Jane points out other members who are doing the excerise in a moderating way.

The class was very together, builds sweat and cools down properly so that by the end of the workout you feel like you could - almost - do the advanced work-out straight after. I like that it has two classes on the same tape so I can alternate on different days. I also like the little cow-boy bit with the side kicks and hee-ha's. I don't know about singing along to the music though (not when others are at home anyway) but it is a good way for me to monitor my breathing as Jane says.

Anyway, what i've basically been trying to say with all these words is that I would definitely recommend this hour long video with it's 35 min. beginner's section and much longer advanced section (which does make you cry at the stomach crunches, ouch!).

But on a more serious note: for your viewing pleasure, please adjust the clour contrast on your tv sets to accomodate the 80's style costumes. (ha, ha - no kidding)

A = worth buying!

Instructor comments: Jane is very good at cueing and she apropriately reminds us of the ways in which not to do the excercise eg. "don't let your back arch like this..." or "don't keep looking up at the television screen you'll distort your head and neck" etc, etc. So that's what I've been doing wrong all these years!

She's kinda friendly looking and in definitely great, flexible shape herself, which sort of acts as motivation to stick at it eg. "maybe soon i'll get a body like that" (as if ever! but it's the thought that counts!)

Tia Maria Wales

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