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Jane Fonda's Total Body Workout

This tape has three segments--upper body weights, a 30 minute aerobics section, and lower body (including abs) weights. Jane leads the weights exclusively and is cheerful without being annoying. The class shows variations on the moves. The lunges, for instance, are shown as stationary lunges, stationary with weights, step lunges or step lunges with weights. The whole tape runs 65 minutes including warm up, upper body, aerobics, lower body and streches.

The aerobics (which I usually skip) are good for beginners or intermediates. The moves aren't too complicated and the music, while it isn't anything special, isn't terribly intrusive and aggravating. Jeannie is OK in the segments she leads--a bit perky. Laurel is just downright grating--her segment involves a lot of silly "shake your tailfeather" and "tip your hat" things that I think are dumb.

There are two things about this video that I don't like. First is the "costumes"--Jane has two little plastic bows in her hair that make her look juvenile and detract from her usual dignity. The rest of the class (female members) have big foofy bows in their hair, animal print leotards and big jewelry on. They all look ridiculous.

The second thing that I dislike about this video is that during the weights segments, there are people (the class participants?) making very embarrasing noises--"oooh yesss" and "ai-ai-ai." It's not like the canned whoops in the "CRUNCH" vidoes--it's worse.

If you can get past the outfits and the sound effects from the participants, this is a decent (although not overly challenging) workout. Good for beginners or for intermediates who want a light workout. After 6 months, though, you'll probably want to pass it on to another novice or save it for your "easy" or "off" days.

Tracy L.

This is the same video reviewed by Tracy as Total Body Workout. Mine says "Complete Workout" on the cover, but it's the same. I was pleasantly surprised that I liked this 1989 video. A blast from the past ! It brought back fond memories of the good, old-fashioned workouts I did when I first got into going to classes. The upper body workout seems fairly effectively, although I don't remember any tricep work and it didn't make me sore (even though I hadn't done a weight workout for over a week). The aerobic section isn't tough, but I beefed up some of the moves to give myself a better workout. Yes, some of it is a little hokey, but it's a fun workout for a light day. After two days, my hamstrings are still hurting from the lower body workout. I used Dynabands instead of ankle weights, and used my barbell for the lunges. All in all, this is an okay workout (for how old it is).

Jane looks goofy with two little bows in her hair (like when we were in grade school), and the others seem to be in some sort of a contest for either who has the biggest hair or the biggest bow in their hair. But, after all, it was 1989 when the video was made! And they all have little matching socks for their leotards. Great personalities, though.

Joni O.

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